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About me

Hi, I'm CHRISTELLE LIVIERO ARACENA, an illustrator creating new friends with ink!

I’m an artist, philologist, teacher and video game translator currently living in the US. I was born and raised in Argentina and Catalonia (Spain). I grew up loving cartoons and traditional illustration, and after working as a language teacher for many years, I found a passion for creating art to connect with my students. I create traditional and digital pen and ink drawings with playful, sometimes irreverent style which includes depictions of bizarre creatures, plants and people.

A constant study of my favorite illustrators, films, music and my own identity has helped me develop a unique style that can resonate with people across generations and cultures.

I'm always trying to become a better artist. I have worked on commissions for private clients, and I have participated on art fairs with illustrator friends. I would love to illustrate books, language textbooks and music related merchandise!

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